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2K كاميرا لوحة القيادة
2K Dashboard Camera

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رمز المنتج: SSS01192 التصنيفات: , ,

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• 2K front and 1080P rear dual high definition digital lens.
• 2K video from the front camera and 1080P video from the
rear camera.
• Full touch screen, IPS screen viewing angle can reach to 178°.
• Support built-in MIC and speaker for audio in and out.
• GPS module is optional to support speed display and route tracking playback.
• Supports TF card with the storage up to 128 GB. Seamless storage without missing
• Built-in G-sensor. When the vehicle collides or vibrates severely, the emergency
recording will be triggered, and the emergency recording backup will be locked.
• The viewing angle can be adjusted up and down by 15°.
• Supports voice recognition. “Open the screen”, “Close the screen”, “Show the way
forward”, “Show the way backward”, “Display all”, “Take the photo”, “Start to
record”, “Finish recording”and “Lock the video”can be recognized.
• Convenient installation, simple operation, recording after plugging, and automatic
recording after power on.
• Reversing parking assist.


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