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كاميرا لوحة القيادة 2K
2K 2ch Dashcam

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رمز المنتج: SSS01193 التصنيفات: , ,

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• Front 2K HD camera, support 105°horizontally, 123°diagonal rear camera 1080P HD camera; adjustable up and down, left and right angles 15°.
• Display: 3 inch touch screen, Resolution : 854*480.
• Built-in G-Sensor sensor, emergency video starts recording when the vehicle is in collision or severe vibration, and emergency video backup is locked.
• Voice recognition: Support 9 voice commands such as “open screen”, “display pre-recording”, “display post-recording”, “view all”, “close screen”, “video lock”, “I want to take a photo”, “open recording”, “close recording” etc.
• Communication: Built-in Wi-Fi module.
• Support Micro SD card for video recording, up to 256GB, loop video, seamless connection without missing seconds.
• Support mobile APP connection, real-time viewing of video, video playback and parameter setting.
• Parking monitoring: Support 12 hours/24 hours/48 hours parking monitoring.
• Easy installation, simple operation, plug and record, automatic recording after power on.


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