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7-inch 4K 5X DarkFighter IR Network Speed

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رمز المنتج: SSS01142 التصنيفات: , ,

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العلامة التجارية:
شارك المنتج :


• [Panoramic channel]: 1/1.8″ progressive scan CMOS, [PTZ channel]: 1/1.2″ progressive scan CMOS
• Maximum Resolution: [panoramic channel] 2560 × 1440, [PTZ channel] 3840 × 2160
• 120 dB WDR
• [Panoramic channel] 6 mm; [PTZ channel] 10 to 50 mm
Multi-target-type detection: support automatic person detection and quick capture for face comparison, and link face
and human body
• Smart events: The panoramic channel arms the detection area and links the PTZ channel to track targets and output
• Face capture: The PTZ channel locks onto and captures detected face
• Tracking takeover: In smart events, when the target moves out of the panoramic view, the PTZ channel continues to
track the target in a larger area
• Support simultaneous capture, linked output, and feature abstraction of face and human body
• Adjustable pan and tilt position for both channels. Panoramic channel: pan 0 to 360° endless, tilt 0 to 30°. PTZ
channel: pan 0 to 330°, tilt -10° to 90°
• Auto calibration: Once calibrated, no need for calibration at other PTZ positions
• Built-in memory card slot
• Easy-to-install all-in-one design with one IP address, one network cable, one power supply, and no server


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