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جهاز التحويل بالدخول والحضور والإنصراف
Fingerprint Time Attendance

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رمز المنتج: SSS09001 التصنيف: الوسم:

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• 2.4-inch LCD screen to display time, date, week, and attendance information
• TCP/IP communication
• 1:N mode accurate and fast fingerprint recognition (recognition duration < 1 s)
• Max. 1000 users, Max. 1000 fingerprints, and Max. 100,000 events records
• Stand-alone operation (supports adding persons, cards, and fingerprints locally)
• Downloads attendance reports by USB flash drive
• Up to 32 normal shifts, 32 man-hour shifts, and 32 attendance holiday schedules can be configured
• Supports 6 attendance status, including check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out
• Generates reports automatically
• Supports multiple languages: English, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Thai, Turkish,
Indonesian, and Ukrainian
• Supports ISAPI protocol and ISUP 5.0 protocol