IT Solutions

IT Solutions


Today's business spins around the sharing of files and resources. Traditionally, this could only be achieved by physically connecting to the network using cables. Cables infrastructure is considered to be the best solution from reliability and security perspectives, however, in many situations deploying wires might become very costly and restrictive; the site construction, obstacles and furniture arrangement can stand in the face of implementing a practical and cost-effective wired environment.

Here where Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology comes to fill in the gaps.

WLAN technology liberates network users from plugging and unplugging to the network, with WLAN users can take their network resources wherever there is wireless coverage, thus increasing productivity and minimizing time and money waste.

Wireless LAN Applications

Depending on the requirements, WLAN can fit from for simple home application to share a Fast Internet connection gateway to Enterprises of thousands of users.
Some of Wireless Applications are listed below:

  • Providing LAN connectivity to places where Wires are difficult to implement .
  • Providing Internet and E-mail access to user in hotels' and hospitals' lobbies.
  • Providing database and applications' access to warehouse and stores employees.
  • Setting up temporary network access in places such as conferences and seasonal camps.
  • Providing network and internet services for exhibitions and showrooms.
  • Providing services for passengers at airport waiting halls.
WLAN Performance

IEEE 802.11b has gained reputation for its 11 Mbps for the past few years, but as the number of WLAN users increase, the 11 Mbps became a performance bottleneck due the large data files of today's heavy applications and the bandwidth demanding streaming media downloads of the internet.
The IEEE 802.11g tried to save the situation by providing double the bandwidth (22 Mbps) at the same frequency (2.4 GHz), while IEEE 802.11g preserved the investment made in the IEEE 802.11b components, it partially solve the problem of bandwidth limitation inherited in the 11 Mbps technology.
Recently, the IEEE 802.11a has defined new generation for wireless access by providing 54 Mbps throughput. With this speed, mobile users can benefit from like-wired performance. The 54 Mbps can accommodate with most bandwidth hungry and multimedia applications.

WLAN Security

The IEEE 802.11b introduced the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol as its standard for securing wireless access. It is well-know that WEP keys can be compromised easily, thus new set of security measurement has been taken to secure wireless access and make it a safe media for file transfer and data exchange.

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IT Services


We allow you to concentrate on maximizing your busines by smoothly ensuring your IT services are working for you. We unlimited readily provide a range of solutions absolutely tailored to suit your business needs, from network management and project management, to problem specific call outs, diagnostics and network troubleshooting. »» More..

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