IT Solutions

IT Solutions

SSS provide our clients with IT Technology solutions that meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing IT environments.
SSS IT's professionally trained and certified staff provides equipment and services to meet today's technological demands. On-site training for support staff, users and office personnel along with administrative contracts are also available.
SSS IT specializes in new networking projects, upgrade and migration of existing networks to new technologies, securing existing data and voice networks and managing existing network elements. All our solutions and services target to satisfy our clients and ensure the continuity of their business in a manner that guarantees minimal downtime and maximum profitability and productivity.
SSS IT staff has the experience and the know-how to deliver our clients a state-of -art networking related solutions to build and manage their business. Our staff specializes in the design, implementation, and maintenance of both LAN and WAN networking systems, as well as Security, Data Centers, Site Preparation, Wireless, Networking Management and many other Solutions.

WAN Optimization

Many enterprise corporate, banks, educational institutes and government departments rely on some kind of WAN technology to interconnect the geographically dispersed sites.

It is very important to know what type of traffic is being transmitted and what bandwidth it consumes.

In many cases, a single application can consume much of the bandwidth leaving other applications struggling for the remaining WAN capacity.

Many IT managers think of buying more bandwidth to cater for performance degradation, this always means additional cost and the problem could still be there unsolved.

The Solution Network administrators should have the right solution that enables them to analyze the traffic on the WAN link and to control the way applications are carried over WAN links.

SSS IT solution is based on products that enable enterprise IT managers to detect all applications that traverse the WAN link in real time manner and to know how much bandwidth each application is consuming.

The gathered data can then be reported in tabular or graphical format for further analysis. The solution provides a technology that detects repetitive traffic flows and reduces it by eliminating data patters that repeat themselves over and over. The result is the same WAN link with increased performance and less traffic congestion.

Our Vision

Is to help shape customer ideas into real, unique, tailor-made, cost effective IT solutions that serve and compliment their present and future business needs incorporating premier products and technologies available in the market. To be a leading system integrator for enterprise network solutions with distinguished quality and customer satisfaction, applying the best practices and most efficient business model.

Our IT Solutions

Who We Are


We are an 100% Libyan company providing IT solution and services to commercial clients. We produces a comprehensive and advanced technology solutions in the field of IT Industry. We powered with an enviable reputation and is strategically focused on detailed and robust understanding of a client's business and there IT related requirements. »» More..

Security System


We provide efficient and complete security solutions for the companies, who concern about their threat protection and people safety, needed to be integrated with various security solutions, including access control, biometric security, CCTV systems, and other solutions. Our success is backed by a strong business oriented philosophy, providing protection, safety and security solutions. We offering high quality security products and safety services. »» More..

Data Center Cooling


Powered by STULZ, we providing and immplementation data center cooling equipments, precision air conditioners, ultrasonic humidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers. STULZ is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to critical environmental control needs. This is accomplished through the design and manufacture of highly energy efficient temperature and humidity control equipment for commercial and industrial applications.»» More..

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