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With the increased level of dependency of networks and information systems to run today's business; many government departments, private corporate and educational institutes started to depend on the pre-sales and post-sales services more than any time.

This is quite the right approach since it's not sufficient to build and implement IT system, but also to maintain it and ensure the best performance at all times.

At SSS, before we submit our IT System design or proposal, we carefully study the requirements of our customers and understand the business constrains and manage the risks of failure, downtime and productivity.

Infrastructure Valuation

Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide complete valuations of complex technological solutions. We combine our extensive knowledge of IT Infrastructure and Network systems design and engineering expertise with specific product design criteria to provide complete infrastructure valuations which have a high quality to cost ratios. Valuations and cost estimates are based on the newest available technologies and aim to provide and optimize our customer's return on investment and business benefits

Project Management

We apply industry best practices, excellence and dedication to our entire project with a desire to satisfy our customer needs. We work closely with clients to define project scope, timelines, budgets, milestones, and resource requirements. Additionally, we maintain a transparent connection among the various personnel assigned to the project to ensure project progress. We offer options are open for customer seeking project assistance as we are able to quickly establish and operate dedicated resources to accommodate customer project needs.
Furthermore, we provide the Project Management service on behalf of our customers who prefer to outsource such tasks, and be sure of a high quality smooth project implementation.


Our market distinctive feature is our capacity to operate in great variety of business sectors with special emphasis on IT Network Infrastructures.

SSS is dedicates material and personnel resources to every component of the installation process. SSS is has specialized technical teams ensure smooth and successful deployment of the proposed solutions.

IT Solutions

Network Managment


We partner with leading hardware and networking vendors to provide our clients with time tested solutions. With our combined experience including project management, server management, managed IT services, project implementation, and LAN/WAN Service. Your business can easily benefit from the vast experience our IT professionals offer. Whether you're a small business or a large law firm you can benefit from our support.»» More.. 

Data Center Cooling


Powered by STULZ, we providing and immplementation data center cooling equipments, precision air conditioners, ultrasonic humidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers. STULZ is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to critical environmental control needs. This is accomplished through the design and manufacture of highly energy efficient temperature and humidity control equipment for commercial and industrial applications.»» More..

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