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Security revolving doors protect secure areas of a building against unauthorised access and offer a variety of options for different levels of security.
They are equipped with sensors to monitor and analyse the interior of the unit. They can be activated by card readers, buttons, operating panels or by biometric identification systems.

The well-rounded selection of optional extras includes reinforced units to protect against burglary and bullet impact and versions with special sliding wings which provide fire containment.

Our product range also includes security turnstiles, suitable for use in medium-level security environments. Reduced mobility access can be provided by placing swing or sliding doors at the side.

Special Feauter
The column is approved for emergency exits, due to its folding wings, which provide an unhindered escape route and access for emergency services. Even during power cuts or attempted unauthorised access it is impossible for anyone to become trapped or for the wings to be pushed too far, thanks to our patented end-point locking system.


  • approved escape column for emergency situations
  • patented end-point locking system prevents being locked in
  • WK2 category resistance tested according to DIN V ENV 1627
  • all-glass units with under floor drive
  • optional installation of scales to record weight limits or exact weight
  • optional night shutters

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