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Row Cooling - Intelligent Rack Cooling

STULZ CeilAiR® (OHS) ceiling mounted air conditioning units provide temperature and/or humidity control for those hot spot areas in the building which exceed the central system capacity.

They are an economical solution to such demands which may, in fact, be temporary until the next offices are carved out of an existing plant area, another laboratory added to a school or new medical equipment installed in a hospital. No floor space is required by the STULZ CeilAiR ceiling mounted units.

The units are designed with a wide range of options to handle both comfort and precision cooling applications. STULZ CeilAiR (OHS) ceiling AC's are designed as the ultimate space saver.

They easily mount in a standard 2' x 4' grid of a dropped ceiling plenum and are available with high static blowers for connection to ceiling plenum ducts. STULZ CeilAiR (OHS) units are especially useful where there is no floor or wall space available for cooling units or where aesthetics demand out-of-sight installation.

  • Small Capacity Precision Cooling
  • 1 - 10 tons in eleven incremental sizes
  • DX & Chilled Water
  • Free-Cooling or Alternate Water Source
  • True Self-Contained Systems
  • Split Systems are available
  • Spot Cooler and Ducted Configurations
  • All-Aluminum Cabinet Construction
  • Reliable Scroll Compressor
  • R407C
  • Widest Range of Capacities and Options
  • 2-year standard parts warranty

Cooling Method Capacity Rapid Fire 1 Week Lead-Time
Air/Water/Glycol Cooled with 100% Outside
Air OHS-( )-AR/W/G-OA
14 kW – 77 kW (4 – 22 tons)
Air Cooled Self Contained OHS-( )-AS 4 kW – 10 kW (1 – 3 tons) Select Models
Air Cooled Remote Condenser OHS-( )-()AR 4 kW – 38 kW (1 – 10 tons) Select Models
Air Handler Remote Condensing
Unit OHS-( )-()AHU
4 kW – 38 kW (1 – 10 tons)  
Water or Glycol Cooled Self Contained
OHS-( )-()W/G
4 kW – 38 kW (1 – 10 tons) Select Models
A/W/G with Free Cooling
OHS-( )-()AR/W/G-FC
4 kW – 38 kW (1 – 10 tons)  
A/W/G with Alternate Water Source
OHS-( )-()AR/W/G-AWS
6 kW – 48 kW (1 – 10 tons)  
Chilled Water OHS-( )-C 7 kW – 48 kW (2 – 13 tons)  

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