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The STULZ CyberAiR® family of floor mounted precision air conditioners are CRAC and CRAH units designed to provide precision temperature and humidity control for mission critical facilities 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr.

A wide variety of cabinet configurations and options make STULZ CyberAiR® products the most flexible precision air conditioning line available in the industry.

All STULZ CyberAiR® systems require only front service access and are easily installed side-by-side, tucked into a corner, or between cabinets.

The STULZ CyberAiR® Series units are especially adaptable to raised floors and are available in both down-flow and up-flow air pattern configurations and are available in DX and CW.

STULZ is the first CRAC / CRAH manufacturer in the USA to bring EC Fan technology to the data center.

This technology in combination with STULZ innovative Chilled Water CRAH cabinet design provides an immediate energy savings of up to 30%, which can grow to over 50% savings compared to conventional fan technology with on/off control.

EC Fan technology is available as a standard in STULZ Compact-CWE chilled water line of air conditioners and as an option in STULZ VFS-EC DX line of air conditioners.

DX - Air / Water / Glycol Cooled
Product Family Description Cooling Capacity
Mini-Space (CCU/D) Single Circuit DX 5 kW – 22 kW (1.5 – 6 ton)
CyberONE EC (COS) Single Circuit DX 7 kW – 38 kW (2 – 10 ton)
CyberTWO EC (VFS-EC) Dual Circuit DX w/EC Fan 22 kW – 104 kW (6 – 30 ton)
ModulAiR (MCS) Modular Dual Circuit DX 26 kW – 76 kW (7 – 20 ton)
FLAiR (FCS) Console DX 5 kW – 20 kW (1.5 – 5 ton)

Chilled Water
Product Family Description Cooling Capacity
Mini-Space (CCU/D) Centrifugal Fans 9 kW – 25 kW (2.5 – 7 ton)
Compact-CWE (CCU/D) EC Fans 56 kW – 351 kW (10 – 100 ton)

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